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Continuous printing

The great demand for 3D printing with speed and economy generates new concepts and applications every day. Continuous printing is a challenging project by Tiertime to build equipment capable of…

3D printing supporting schools

Innovative partnerships are born out of good ideas. It couldn’t be different with Editora FTD’s project to bring the “maker” universe to schools. Technologies such as 3D printing are increasingly…

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X5 is an inovation in the 3D printing production. It was designed to ensure reliability and repeatability. The equipament is capable of automatically loading 12 building plates and also of realoding during the printing job. Tiertime’s X5 offers a perfect 3D printing experience with incomparable productivity and minimal operator intervention.

UP Mini 2 ES

The UP Mini 2 ES is a more advanced version of UP Mini 2, with improved hardware and software. As a portable 3D printer, the UP Mini 2 ES is ideal for beginners, being an entry-level printer.

UP 300

UP 300 has large build volume and consistent performance across different materials without quality loss. The equipment features three different extruders, each one for an specift material such as ABS, PLA and TPU.

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